Video Production

We create videos that will engage your target audience and set you apart from the competition. We are more than a video production company. 

We take your goals and create content that your clients want to watch. We combine our creative innovation with our storytelling and marketing expertise to deliver exceptional content to our clients.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can mean so many different things, but the only thing that we're focused on is using the right channels at the right time to increase your website traffic so that you can attract new customers and clients.

We will help you identify where efforts should be focused, create and curate the best content for your audience and manage your customer relations so that you don't have to.

Website Design

We build solid, mobile-friendly websites that are optimized to convert visitors into customers. A good website should not cost you a fortune and should not take forever to build. 

Using Squarespace, we will work with you to design a beautiful, optimized website in a reasonable amount of time at an affordable price.

Our 30 Second Elevator Pitch

We're a husband and wife team based in Austin, Texas. We launched Sparket Media to provide small businesses and startups with professional and affordable digital marketing.

We believe in exceptional service, a quality product and lots of breakfast tacos. Our clients expect us to be fair, treated with respect, honest and transparent and we expect the same from them.

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